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Insects and Humans: Adaptation by means of speciation and behaviour

Insects breathe by diffusion, and they’re circulatory system works by  circulating from a high pressure zone to low pressure (made possible by the insects physiology).

I think this is really extreme because we have lungs to pump our air in and out, and a heart to pump our blood around. These animals are way more efficient than us/mammals.

Insects have staggeringly high species diversity, however there is very little individual behaviour other than basic instincts. On the other hand, humans have also been the most successful at adapting to our environment. Humans achieve this with diverse behaviour. We are one species, but have an individual capability to adapt to most situations, along with a massive diversity of behaviors between individuals.

It seems apparent that self-modulating behaviour evolved as an alternative to the physically efficient system that insects have. It is hard to say which is more advanced than the other: one adapts behaviourally while one adapts physically.

Next thought: both physical adaptation and amount of self-modulated behaviour occur as a gradient in the animal kingdom. What advantage do these ‘lesser’ species have (less specified behaviour AND less physical defenses) - what stops them from being driven to extinction by more complex organisms?

Maybe its just that the complex organisms become dependent on the more primitive ones. We all need certain bacteria, along with food organisms. If at any point the lesser organisms became scarce the more complex would die out, resulting in an immediate rise in simple. Like the predator-prey balance but encompassing everything.

People are always going to keep doing what they want

Like seriously people won’t stop loving who they want
Doing the drugs they want
Altering their body in any way that they want/need to

TRYING TO DENY THIS FACT IS FUTILE. The human race is going to keep on being diverse no matter how tightly people shut their eyes.

If it doesn’t hurt other people than there is NO REASON for it to be illegal or discriminated against or even difficult. WHY THE HELL does one human being have the power to tell ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING how to live their life?

Blasting Hedley because why the fuck not.

Lol sorry roommates I just need to indulge in a little pre-teen nostalgia.

Oh hey its 8:30pm and I haven’t succumbed to my caffeine addiction all day

Suddenly tired. Headache begins.

Make tea and steep it for 20 minutes.

Chug coca-cola while tea is steeping.


Smoke a bowl because I’m wired out of my tree.

Try again tomorrow.

How I know I’m a biology nerd.

Talking about the evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and mammals, when I realize I’m making cladograms with my hands. “And this branches off here to become that…”

While watching that Dyson commercial


Dad: That’s right, and men invent them.

This is the commercial that points out a flaw in vacuums that has persisted for decades, and James Dyson has come up with a simple and smart solution.

It just so happens that every vacuum featured in the commercial is being used by a woman.

Now I start to think about other household cleaning products. Swiffer commercials, for instance, always involve women (usually a young wife or mother) having fun cleaning. It challenges the stigma that cleaning is boring and tiresome, however it is still clearly aimed towards women.

There’s no way that everyone who’s ever made a cleaning commercial is  sexist. There’s no way that everyone in advertising holds the belief that women clean and men are lazy. The problem is that advertisers cannot afford to take risks. Once upon a time, this WAS the commonly held stereotype. In order to get the most sales, cleaning products needed to be aimed towards who was using them - wives and mothers.

This target audience sees themselves in this position and are more likely to go out and buy the product. This creates a self-perpetuating image of women as the primary users of these cleaning products, leaving men to be assumed as the clueless brutes to be taken care of.

How do we stop this? Challenge corporations to explore other demographics. Companies that can afford to take a ‘risk’ with their target audience should try portraying men in the exact same position as women. Not discovering cleaning for the first time and being praised for it; nor blundering about with cleaning products in a comedic fashion. Just using the product and demonstrating the effectiveness of it.

This is a win-win. Common stereotypes will stop being fueled, and Swiffer/Dyson etc. gets more customers.

I would love to talk more about this or other subjects - so message me with a reply!

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